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Release of the second edition of the SurgiCase iPad app.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Materialise is pleased to announce the second edition of our SurgiCase Connect iPad app. The new and improved app contains upgraded features that make it even easier to prepare for surgery. SurgiCase Connect 1.1 is capable of providing surgeons more detailed information such as measurements and annotations containing specifics and critical notes, if they have been added to the original plan. With better 3D graphics, a surgeon will be able to visualize the individual anatomy better by seeing more detail and contrast in the 3D reconstruction of the patient's images. In order to ensure the surgeon is working with the best and latest resource, automatic updates are implemented on the application. Looking ahead to the future, the Materialise team is constantly working to improve our 3D visualization and soon our graphics will be retina display ready for the next generation of iPads.

Our iPad app is available from European App Store as of friday, April 27th, 2012.

Learn more about SurgiCase Connect: or watch the video on YouTube: