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Materialise Launches 3DPrintCloud, an Online Cloud-Based Toolbox and Service to Optimize Files for 3D Printing

LEUVEN, Belgium, July 16, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Materialise NV(NASDAQ:MTLS), a leading provider of Additive Manufacturing software and sophisticated 3D printing solutions proudly launches the Materialise 3DPrintCloud; a user-friendly online toolbox to help anyone quickly and efficiently improve their 3D model in preparation for printing.

Materialise's 3DPrintCloud, which is already powering SketchUp's 3D Warehouse and Ideas Worth Making, is capable of analyzing and repairing 3D models to ensure their printability. With this launch, Materialise takes another step towards a long-awaited solution to the problems often encountered while preparing models for 3D printing.

The Materialise 3DPrintCloud is made for product designers, engineers, prosumers, small businesses and anyone else who wants to speed up the 3D printing preparation process while ensuring the quality of their print. Functions including converting the model to an STL file format, analyzing and checking them for errors, and repairing the model are currently at hand to make 3D models ready for printing within the Materialise 3DPrintCloud.

All functionality provided by 3DPrintCloud is available to developers by means of web services, which can be integrated into other solutions and websites. This will further enable the automation of preparing and optimizing files for 3D printing.

"When Materialise purchased its first 3D Printer in 1990, we were soon confronted with the challenge of creating a file that could successfully print and quickly got to work on making the process easier," stated Stefaan Motte, Director of Materialise 3D Printing Software Segment. "Over the past 25 years, those first lines of code have grown into an entire range of high-end software solutions, both medical and industrial, that break down the barriers between meaningful applications and the expanding range of 3D printers that make them a physical reality."

Motte continued, "With the Materialise 3DPrintCloud, we are now helping an even broader audience bridge the software gap between their great ideas and the 3D printers that are bringing them to life. As with our high-end software solutions, our goal is to help people worry less about whether or not their design will successfully print and give them more time to make great things that truly matter."

Seeking to address the user's needs and ultimately offer a highly useful 3D Printing toolkit, users can try out the service, and are invited to shape the future of the 3DPrintCloud with us.

"We actively engage with our customers and welcome their feedback and suggestions for improving our services, developing new features and functions, and addressing any problems they face. We look forward to collaborating with our customers to develop customized 3D printing solutions that allow them to print useful products and achieve their business or personal goals," added Motte.

Try the Materialise 3DPrintCloud for free at

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