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Materialise joins Mentice's Case-It certification program for patient-specific simulation

Friday, September 14, 2012

Materialise, developer of the Mimics Innovation Suite for anatomical segmentation, announced today that they have decided to join the VIST® Case-It "Segmentation to Simulation" certification program by Mentice, world leader in medical cardiovascular and endovascular simulation.

VIST® Case-It lets users of Mentice's VIST® line of high-fidelity full-physics simulators easily import anatomy data from real patients to a simulator, using professional CT/MRI segmentation tools and standard hospital workflows. The technology allows physicians to rapidly, and as part of their operation pre-planning, create virtual patient cases, on which realistic operations can be practised in a safe and simulated environment.

To ensure flawless workflow integration and operation between third-party segmentation solutions and the VIST® medical simulators, Mentice has launched an open certification program for validating compatibility with the VIST® Case-It technology. Mentice last week announced Pie Medical Imaging as the first company out to obtain this certification and we are now extremely pleased to also welcome Materialise and their state-of-the-art segmentation solution, the Mimics Innovation Suite, into the program.

"It is with great pleasure that Materialise enters into Mentice’s VIST® Case-It certification program. Medical simulation is becoming more and more integrated into hospital workflows and the possibility to use professional segmentation solutions to create patient-specific simulation scenarios for planning, rehearsal and training is something our customers have been requesting for some time. The fact that healthcare professionals and medical educators can now create virtual versions of real patient cases for realistic hands-on training in a risk-free environment is truly exciting," says Göran Malmberg, CEO of Mentice.

“The compatibility between the Mimics® Innovation Suite and VIST® is crucial for furthering the Materialise strategy to continuously expand its Medical Personalization activities into the cardiovascular field. Patient-specific planning and treatments are core to the Materialise mission of a better and healthier world. Now that we have tackled the dental, orthopaedic and CMF fields, we are eager to revolutionize the cardiovascular market. Mentice has a proven track record for improving patient safety and is therefore a powerful partner for Materialise. We are enthusiastic about our collaboration and compatibility,” Peter Verschueren, Business Development Manager and Cardiovascular Team Leader, Materialise.

Mentice will be showcasing the VIST® Case-It technology at the CIRSE congress in Lisbon, Portugal from September 14-19 this year. To book a time for a demonstration, or for more information about the VIST® Case-It certification program, please contact

About Materialise

With its headquarters in Leuven, Belgium and branches all over the world, the Materialise Group is nearly 1,000 people strong. It is best known for its activities in the field of industrial and medical additive manufacturing (AM) and image processing. In addition to having an impressive AM machine park, Materialise enjoys a worldwide reputation for its innovative software solutions. The Mimics Innovation Suite is a complete set of tools for biomedical professionals that allow you to perform a multitude of engineering operations on medical imaging data and is used worldwide by famous hospitals, research institutes and clinicians. For more information visit us on

About Mentice

Mentice is the world leader in medical vascular simulation, providing high-end simulation solutions for training, education and assessment in a wide range of disciplines. The benefits of training with Mentice solutions are validated and well documented to enhance clinical performance, reduce cost, and improve patient safety. Mentice has offices in Sweden (HQ), United States, Germany, Australia, Japan and China and more than 600 vascular simulator installations worldwide. For more information visit us on