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Materialise Expands i.materialise Online Platform Through Strategic Collaboration Agreement With Golden Laser

Agreement Strengthens i.materialise(TM) 3D Printing Platform in China

BEIJING, June 24, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today marked the signing of a collaboration agreement between Materialise (Nasdaq:MTLS) and Golden Laser (Stock Code:300220), which will see the i.materialise 3D Printing Platform powering Golden Laser's 3D printing service in China and further expanding the reach of this technology into traditional manufacturing markets. The agreement was signed in the presence of a delegation of Belgian government officials, including the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Didier Reynders and Secretary of State for Foreign Trade, Pieter De Crem.

The agreement links Belgium-based Materialise, a leading provider of Additive Manufacturing software and of sophisticated 3D Printing solutions in the medical, industrial and consumer markets to China's Golden Laser, a global manufacturer of laser cutting, engraving and marking systems. The partnership supports the goal of both companies to expand the reach of 3D printing into the traditional outsource manufacturing sector.

The collaboration with Golden Laser marks a further growth of the already successful i.materialise 3D Printing platform, this time into China. Golden Laser will use the i.materialise 3D Printing Platform to power their own online 3D printing service, Eazer, which is expected to launch by the end of Q3, 2015. 3D Printing will take place at Golden Laser's Additive Manufacturing Center Service Bureau in Wuhan, China, bringing production closer to users in the region.

"Helping people incorporate the additional functionality and complexity offered by Additive Manufacturing into their products is what i.materialise is all about, and this collaboration agreement with Golden Laser will create the opportunity to help even more people and businesses materialize their great ideas," said Peter Leys, Executive Chairman of Materialise, who signed on behalf of the company. "This collaboration with Golden Laser will be a way to bring Additive Manufacturing, a technology that has the potential to change the way things are designed and manufactured, and quality 3D printing closer to the public in China."

The Chairman of Golden Laser, Liang Wei stated "Golden Laser is a leading solutions provider for laser applications that gives priority to quality manufacturing for our customers. Through this collaboration with the i.materialise 3D Printing Platform, we aim to offer our customers options for how they manufacture their products that were previously unavailable to them. Our customers will benefit from and can be confident in using the services provided by both companies which have many years of experience in quality innovations. In addition, we are proud to be part of the strides taken in the region to support the use of 3D printing technology in manufacturing for stable social and economic development."

As people all around the world come to realise the potential of 3D printing, and the particular challenges that come with the technology, the i.materialise Online Platform offers a range of solutions and services to help these people get the most out of it. The i.materialise platform caters to a range of consumers, from designers and inventors, to students and even those not entirely familiar with 3D printing to assist them in materializing their ideas. Those who use the i.materialise service to create their own products are given the chance to share them with others and put them up for sale on the platform.

About Materialise

With its headquarters in Leuven, Belgium, and branches worldwide, Materialise is a provider of Additive Manufacturing (AM) software solutions and sophisticated 3D printing services in a wide variety of industries, including healthcare, automotive, aerospace, art and design and consumer products. Materialise has been playing an active role in the field of AM since 1990, through its involvement in AM for industrial and medical applications, by providing biomedical and clinical solutions such as medical image processing and surgical simulations and by developing unique solutions for its customers' prototyping, production, and medical needs. For additional information, please visit:

About Golden Laser

Golden Laser is a listed enterprise committed to providing laser solutions for global customers. It has a product line that includes more than 100 series machines applied to fabric textiles, clothing, denim jeans, labels, printing & packaging, shoe leather, filters, industrial fabrics, advertising, carpets, automotive interiors and metal processing. In the overseas market, Golden Laser has already established a mature marketing network in more than 100 countries and regions over the five continents in the world. In China, Golden Laser has become the enterprise with the largest quantity of laser equipment exported overseas. Additional information is available at

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