Corporate Governance - Biography

Bart Van der Schueren

Chief Technology Officer

Bart Van der Schueren has served as an Executive Vice President of our company since January 2011 and as our Chief Technology Officer since 2016. In February 2022, he also assumed the position of Vice President of the Materialise Software segment. Prior to joining Materialise, Mr. Van der Schueren was at KU Leuven as a liaison engineer for the newly founded Materialise and established the basic research activities for the company while also founding the research activities in 3D printing at the KU Leuven. Mr. Van der Schueren then went on to obtain a PhD in selective laser metal sintering. In 1995, Mr. Van der Schueren officially joined Materialise and ran the service bureau. Over the years, his dedication and expertise has grown the service bureau from a regional player to one of the most prominent additive manufacturing facilities in Europe. In 2011, Mr. Van der Schueren became an Executive Vice President of our company, responsible for the Materialise Manufacturing segment and focusing on production and engineering services. Since 2018, Mr. Van der Schueren is globally responsible for the research activities of Materialise, and since 2022, he is also responsible for the activities of the Materialise Software segment. Mr. Van der Schueren holds a PhD in Selective Laser Metal Sintering and a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from KU Leuven.